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The Utopia of Unique Identity

The subject of Unique Patient Identity pops up with clockwork regularity in the healthcare discourse. A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) points out that HIPAA initially mandated it. Reason prevailed and the requirement was abandoned. The article goes on to list, correctly, all the issues related to duplicates and split records […]

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A JMS Ping Utility

Most companies that do integration at scale use some variation of an asynchronous messaging service. JMS is by far the preferred choice, whether using commercial products like IBM WebSphere or Oracle WebLogic (to name the more popular commercial ones, there are a few others), or open source alternatives, of which Apache ActiveMQ is by far the […]


Hello apifocal

It is impossible to browse news or articles in the IT realm without hitting the term ‘API’ at every corner. And in spite of this, the mention of APIs doesn’t leave readers with that annoying aftertaste of marketing hype. The reason is that it’s hard to overemphasize APIs as the enabler of integration – the […]